Adding value.

Adding value.

We all dream of being successful, but so often, the pursuit of success becomes a practice of seeing how much we can acquire through chasing money, vying for position, or seeking recognition… all of which do not provide the true fulfillment we are seeking.

The true path to lasting success isn’t found in material trappings, but instead it’s gained through the unselfish act of contribution.

Thanks to the reciprocal nature of the Universe, the more you give, the more you will naturally receive.

Fortunately, creating success is easy when you look at it through the lens of adding value.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Determine what people want that you can offer.
Maybe you’ve heard people talking about needing to get organized, and you’re a great organizer. Or maybe you know a couple of cooks looking for great ingredients, and you happen to be a great gardener.

In order for an idea to be successful, it doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be useful.

2. Give anonymously.
There’s a special kind of joy in giving when no one but you, your maker (and maybe your dog) knows that you have been of service to someone in need.

Be a Secret Santa, send some cash to someone who has lost a job, or secretly pay for a meal for a stranger at a restaurant.

3. Give for the sake of giving.
Look around for opportunities to give without expectation of reciprocation.

Leave a ridiculously large tip for the waitress, or buy groceries for the person in line behind you, or volunteer your time by helping a neighbor move furniture.

Simply be of service in the spirit of good will and see what happens.

So before you balance your books, determine your needs, or otherwise seek to improve your own situation, look around for what is needed that you can provide… then simply provide it.

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