Design your destiny.

Design your destiny.

Everyone loves to be in control. Especially in life. It is in our DNA to be competitive. That’s actually a pretty good trait to have. Today, I want you to know that you can design your destiny.

Today I’m going to give you 5  steps to create your own personalized blueprint to achieve your destiny.

  1. Figure out your “WHY”

This is the most important step you should take for a very simple reason.

To get there, you have to know WHY you want to reach there, followed by the HOW.

It’s your own personal conviction and the key to making all your new habits stick.

So if you have not sat down and figure out your WHY, do this step first and the rest would come easy.

  1. Keep your body healthy

Achieving your destiny requires a lot of effort and energy. Every successful person knows that keeping healthy is the gateway to having more wealth because you will gain more energy and focus to do more meaningful, productive activities. Practice self-care and take care of what you put into your body. You only have one body that will faithfully serve you throughout your life. Be nice to your body and keep it in prime condition so that when your destiny arrived, you can enjoy the fruits of your sowing.

  1. Analyze your activities

Are you one of those that always say that you have no time? Or perhaps you know of people who often say so? As I said earlier, going after your destiny takes effort. But we all have 24 hours a day. It’s the same amount of time for you and me. So, why are others so successful in juggling so many activities in a day, while I am struggling to find time? The answer is simple. You have to analyses your activities and find time. This requires you to do a rigorous exercise and choose your battles wisely. Schedule in time for the things that matters e.g. productivity activities. Decline appointments which are unproductive. It will help in the long run.

  1. Review your relationships

Are you around right people? The Chinese have this saying: When you’re around good friends, you become good. When you mix with bad friends, you become bad.

This means that we have to critically examine toxic relationships. If you have been hanging around the wrong crowd, it’s time to part ways.

  1. Use a good resource

In the new knowledge economy, having knowledge is king. It goes without saying that having and managing your five resources is key to achieving your destiny.  (Time, Money, Relationships, Information, Attitude).

Destiny is not

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