Leverage The Compound Effect

Leverage The Compound Effect

Making the Right Choices Consistently Over Time

Everyday, we do various things throughout our day without too much thinking. We let our habits lead our lives, mostly unknowingly, making choices and decisions for us.

When we decide to press that snooze button over and over again… When we get that cup of caramel latte in the morning… When we grab that bag of chips and dig in… When we sit in front of the TV after dinner…When we scroll through social media posts during our free time. There are some habits that were formed that may not serve us.

Success is about making simple, right choices, consistently throughout time. It is time to kick the old habits that do not serve you, and start replacing them with better habits.

Imagine if a person eats a chocolate bar every day for 30 days, he will gain about 3-4lbs if he does no exercises to work off the extra caloric intake. Now imagine if he does that for a year, he will gain about 40lbs, just by habitually eating one chocolate bar a day. I personally experienced this as I had a caramel macchiato almost everyday for about a year while we were living abroad. I gained a good 20lbs! Fortunately, I  realized what he was doing and had to cut back and readjust my habits before things got really out of hand! Still, those 20lbs never really went away.

The same goes for money…If person A spends $3 on a cup of coffee everyday for a year, he would be spending $1,000 a year! Now imagine if you saved up the coffee money every year since 10 years ago and invested in Starbucks Coffee stocks instead throughout the last 10 years, you would have saved a lot more than $10,000 in your bank!

That is the power of the compound effect – a little bit at a time, done consistently over time, turns into big results!

So, KEEP TRACK! You may start forming better habits by making a conscious effort to observe your own habits and keep track of them. If your goal is that you want to save more money, then start keeping track of all the money you spend during the day, and make a conscious effort to decide if your habit serves you right every time you spend your money. If your goal is weight loss, then keep track of all the food you buy or eat.

Make sure you make the right choices when you have a chance, every time, every day. By keeping track of your own action for 30 days, you will see very clearly what you can improve upon and see some visible results. Hopefully, you have already replaced the bad habits that distracted you from your goals with good habits that help you. Soon, you’ll be on your way to achieve what you desire.

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