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Dr. David D. Nelson

Dr. Dave has been an educator and coach for over 30 years working both in the public and private sectors of the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Dave has extensive experience in working with at risk adolescents and strengthen family relationships. In addition Dr. Dave also conducts adult leadership training and life coaching. Dave holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of the Rockies and just completed his second in Organizational Leadership and Management. Dr. Dave also holds multiple certifications in the areas of treatment and counseling.  Dr. Dave is also credentialed as a Master NLP practitioner and A NLP practitioner trainer.


Anthony Robbins Foundation Youth Mentoring Program®

ART (Aggression Replacement Training)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Certified SIE Instructor

Contemporary Theory in Couple and Family Systems

Create the Partnership Couples’ Coaching®

Josephson Institute The Four Wheels of Success®


NLP Master Practitioner AUNLP®

NLP practitioner Trainer AUNLP®

Process Communication Model®

Peace and Conflict Studies Program   University of Colorado

Thinking for a change®

UPW Coach -Youth Leadership Program®


Laurie A Nelson

Laurie spent 15 years in Banking and Finance when she had a life changing experience. Laurie’s most inspiring credential is her overcoming a life-and-death battle with Stage 3 brain cancer. She never asked “why” this happened, she just knew that she had to remain positive and made the choice of fighting her illness.  As a result of her journey, Laurie is a published author and celebrated international motivational speaker who understands the pain of having dreams deferred but more importantly how to make them come true. Laurie used her experience to become a life coach and motivational speaker specializing in working with cancer related causes and women health issues and has expanded to helping people to overcome adversity and finding the pathway to their dreams. Laurie is certified as a NLP practitioner by the American Union of NLP (AUNLP®), a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner through the Global Sciences Foundation and a Reiki I & II Practitioner.


Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner Global Sciences Foundation

NLP Basic Practitioner AUNLP®

NLP Master Practitioner AUNLP®

Reiki I

Reiki II

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