The Effects of Procrastination

The Effects of Procrastination

rocrastination is created by you, not by the activity. The resistance to doing something is basically a fear, often a fear of failure or a fear of rejection.  It can arise when someone tells you what to do and you want to resist that.

You may also procrastinate when the task is boring or not motivating.  If your self-confidence is low, you may procrastinate because tasks seem harder or outside of your abilities. We also procrastinate when we associate pain with doing something. That pain could be effort, discomfort or feeling that the task is hard or stressful. However, this is purely the meaning or perception that you give to that particular task.  It’s making it seem much bigger than it really is.

There are three types of procrastination.

  1. Not starting tasks
  2. Not finishing tasks or tasks taking longer than they need to take.  This is often due to a fear of the task not being perfect.
  3. Putting off making decisions, or requiring too much information to make a decision.

The effects of procrastination

Just knowing the effects of procrastination could give you the rocket fuel that you need to spring into action.  They include:

  • Loss of precious time, which could be spent with family, friends or having some fun!
  • Regret later in life from missed opportunities to change your life and make a difference.
  • Lower self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Rushed, last minute, emotional decisions that may not be the best for you.  The quality of your life is largely influenced by the quality of your decisions.
  • Damage to your reputation, by not delivering on time.
  • Poor health, due to additional stress and anxiety by leaving things to the last minute or by putting off important health checks.

The cure for procrastination is taking action! I can think of so many times in my life when doing the task immediately made me feel better and increased my self-confidence.  However, taking action is not always easy, so keep reading and I’ll share many ways to get off your butt and get going!

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