The joy of creating

The joy of creating

“Spark of inspiration, Light my spirit’s fire, Let the joy of creation Be my heart’s desire.

These lines from –aaaa_Create_your_self Earth Medicine: Ancestor’s Ways of Harmony for Many Moons illustrates a key factor of inspiration for a lot of people-The joy of creating for its own sake.

We usually think of creation only from the perspectives of people in the creative industry; artists, writers, musicians,etc.  While this is true that people in these professions  feel more inspired because of the type of job they do, everyone can find inspiration today from similar pursuit from an amateur perspective.

The internet has leveled the creative field such that anyone in their room can write a whole book or a blog post because they have something to say, take a picture, record a song and become famous on YouTube, create a video on Vine, or create something on Pinterest. All these are purely amateur pursuits need not be for fame, money or because we expect some extraordinary result, but just because we love it. The root of the word amateur is love (from amare, to love), and therefore someone who does something for love is an amateur.

Seeing your work as a creative pursuit regardless of your profession can be one of the easiest gateways to finding inspiration everyday. It allows you to approach your work even if it’s writing data reports, treating a patient, defending the oppressed in court, preparing an audit, being a Police officer, or anything you are doing as your creation and contribution to the world. Because life is only fun when  we create. There is no joy in maintenance. To find constant source of joy or inspiration at work or in life, we need to approach it from the angle of creation. Adding something to the world that makes it better, make people happier and makes life easier makes your life better as well.

Approaching your work like this enables you create more. Just like giving birth, your work becomes your baby and you work everyday to nurture it to become the best you would be proud of.


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